Osteria Villanova offers a seasonal menu, using good and fresh local products, prepared with care and respect to intensify the taste and flavor of every single ingredient in the final dish. The dishes reproduce the classic cuisine of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, but with a modern twist, to result lighter and more delicate.



Among the delicious starters you can find characteristic cold cuts like the duck speck, the smoked chicken breast, the classic well know “prosciutto di San Daniele”; typical local cheeses like “Montasio”, “Latteria”, smoked ricotta and others. Not to forget the excellent and versatile smoked salmon trout “Regina di San Daniele” (queen of San Daniele), an unmissable delight!



In the first courses we offer onion soup, barley and bean soup, fresh pasta like “blecs” and “maltagliati”, potato, pumpkin and chestnut “gnocchi”, pumpkin sformato.

As main courses we prepare juicy grilled meats, beef meatballs with mushrooms and “polenta”, grilled “Montasio” and the traditional “frico”. Seafood lovers can appreciate a crispy fish-fry with appetizing julienned vegetables.


In Autumn we also offer venison dishes with “polenta”, “brovade e muset”, mix of boiled meats and many others.

Desserts are rigorously homemade: apple strudel, chocolate and pear pie, “panna cotta”, “crema catalana” and many other seasonal proposals.
The Osteria offers also dishes for vegetarians and people with food intolerances.